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Sheraine's complaint against Shurgard Self-Storage

Sheraine Mckenzie


Theft at Shurgard

Complaint against Shurgard Self-Storage

I had items in Shurgard Purley Way when i first moved all my belongings in i realised i had no lock an a member of Shurgard put a lock on my unit untill i had one. After months of being a customer i was in arrears and could not get into my unit until my account was up to date. This took me a while to catch up with and i communicated with a member of staff and expressed to him how i was struggling with paying my bills swell as the storage unit which was when they gave me a settlement price to pay. Once i paid that i moved my stuff out immediately and was given another gararge by my local council which was cheaper. After finally seeing my personal items which were in the unit i realised my TV's which were left in the unit at the front went there. I then had a more thorough sarch of my more expensive items and realised my laptop was gone aswell as my PS3. I contacted Shurgard immediately but they were closed and i sent a message to a mobile number which Shurgard used previously to make them aware that items of mine were no longer there, they failed to call back but i called them the next day to make them aware i was told to come into store and collect insurance documents which was what i had done, i also file a report to the police and was given a crime number. Now months after i have contacted the insurance company who told me a final document was needed from Shurgard which was a declaration, i contacted the store and this was when the store manager told me he can not write me a declaration as he was not aware things of mine had gone missing he had thought items were damaged. Marsh insurance has now told me because i can not get the declaration i can no longer claim for my items which vanished and thats the last thing i have been told. I sent complaints via email and letters to both Shurgard store and Head office and i have not heard a response. I believe this is a very serious matter as the community believes this is somewhere safe and reliable to store important items, however this is not the case. I WAS A SHURGARD CUSTOMER AND WAS ROBBED IN BROAD DAY LIGHT AND NOTHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT. I now need some help and advice for what i can do now!!! S OMEONE PLEASE HELP

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gemma | | VERIFIED

hi, the same store has done this to my partner, did you get anywhere with your complaint?

zoukla simp | | VERIFIED

Thisi is July 2019 and the very said thing has happened to me with shurgard. All my personal belongs has recently been stolen from a unit at shurgard.. anyone affected with these hanus practices please let’s form a group so there are no more painful victims like us.

zoukla simp | | VERIFIED

Please take your complaints to watchdog it’s not too late.

zoukla simp | | VERIFIED

zoukla simp | | VERIFIED

zoukla simp | | VERIFIED

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