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Don's complaint against Canon

Don Michie


Six month old £1000 camera died in the rain and Canon refuse to accept legal liabilty.

Complaint against Canon

Don't buy a Canon!! I bought this camera worth over £1000 from Amazon. I had only used it a couple of times, when it completely died. It was less than six months old. I thought the battery had ran out, but when I returned home I was able to ascertain that battery failure was not the problem. I contacted the seller, Sotel-electronics, who told me to return the camera to Canon and claim under warranty. I phoned Canon, and they told me to return it to their local repair agent, A J Johnstone Ltd in Glasgow. I sent the camera to Johnstone, along with a copy of my Amazon order. I did not hear from Johnstone for several weeks. I phoned for a progress report, and they apologised for delay under explanation that they had had staff on holiday. They undertook to attend to repairs right away. I phoned them a couple of weeks later, and they told me they could do nothing because I had not provided proof of purchase. I sent them an invoice I received from Amazon. Some time later they got back to me saying that the damage was due to water ingress. and the warranty was invalid. They demanded around £100 for repairing the camera. I refused to pay, and went directly to Canon. Canon said it had nothing to do with them since I had chosen to deal with Johnstone, and that any issues between Johnstone and me had nothing to do with Canon. I explained the circumstances. They said that water ingress invalidated the warranty, and there was nothing they could do. They told me they had sent the camera to Canon in Germany for repair, but would not return it to me until I paid £100. I have written to them asking why they sent the camera to Germany, and await a reply. I also asked them to confirm to me in writing that, as they alleged on the phone, using the camera in the rain invalidated the warranty. That confirmation is also awaited. I have written to sotel-electronic but they say it has nothing to do with them, and that I must pursue a claim under the manufacturer's warranty. My advice: don't buy a Canon!!!! Unbelievably appalling service from Canon and their agent. I am now going to take this up with Amazon, who will, hopefully, refund me so I can go and buy a Nikon.

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