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Neil's complaint against Grant Thornton

Neil Hoyles


Failure to issue completion certificate after 11 months

Complaint against Grant Thornton

We completed our IVA in December 2014. Despite several e-mails and telephone calls they still refuse to issue said certificate. One delaying tactic was to demand £2,000 for a tax return from 2009/10, unfortunately for them I was able to get a copy from the Tax office which stated that I received no tax. Still no certificate. Then 2 months after that they sent us an expenditure form to fill in which we refused to do as our IVA was finished several months before. It is now almost 11 months since our IVA was completed. Still no certificate of completion. In the mean time they are receiving thousands of pounds from Barclays, in regards to PPI and bank charges to which I believe that they are not entitled to.

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