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Joan's complaint against Ernest Jones

Joan Blood


Faulty repair of amethist ring

Complaint against Ernest Jones

Last December i took a ring with a stone missing. I asked them to replace the stone. They did a week later it had droped out again. I took thr ring back they said that it was a different stone that had fallen out. I feel that they are still responsible. The manager at Stafford offfered me a 25% off as a jesture of good willl. I refused the offer and wrote to the Customer Service department in Birmingham. This department offered me 10% off. I wrote again ask7ng why there were two different statements and that the departments do not talk to each other. I did not receive a reply from either of the two previous letters sent to Birmingham

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Joan Blood | | VERIFIED

I find it very difficult to understand how there sister company H Samuels can have such good communication skills and also a completely different replacement policy for complaints which are dealt with with proffessionalism and politeness.

Joan Blood | | VERIFIED

I do not understand why they have chosen to completely disregard my complaint and not reply to my last two communications. For a repair costing £51.00. I am a pensioner who is taking better blockers and i am exceptionaly upset with situation.
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