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Chris's complaint against Whitaker Corporate Partners

Chris Watling



Complaint against Whitaker Corporate Partners

They contacted yesterday 14 th October 2015 by telephone offering to buy some of my shares. Told them to speak to my financial advisor. They wanted my email and said they could only deal direct with me. directly. I refused to give it and so terminated the conversation. Obviously another scam.

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Mark Hulbert | | VERIFIED

I have received several phone calls from Whitaker Corporate Partners, offering to broker a purchase of my shares in a company for 10 times their value, trying to bind me to a Confidentiality Agreement, giving me only 24 hours to agree and sign, telling me that it is on a first come first served basis - and then quess what (giveaway of the century) they want money up front before I receive my proceeds. They must think we're daft. They've wasted a lot of my valuable time on the phone. Stop them.
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