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[User Deleted]'s complaint against Islington Council

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Islington council parking enforcement issuing fake Parking tickets and ripping people off

Complaint against Islington Council

I parked my car on Caledonia street N1 in January on double yellow line outside premier inn. Just for five minutes as I ran to shop to buy food and drink to boost my sugar levels as I am insulin dependent diabetic. As I returned I noticed a Parking enforcement warden ticketing my car and taking photos of it. I never got any reminders to pay the ticket nor did I get any appeal form to make representations for an appeal. 8 months later I got a letter from enforcement agents asking for a payment of £277.00 or they would visit my home and sell off what I own to pay for the ticket and their fees. In the first place no contravention occurred as stated by the Highway Code section 238 you may never park on a double yellow line unless there is a sign post stating otherwise. And there was a sign post there stating the times you may not load or unload which were mon-from 8:30am-6:30pm and sat 8:30am-1:30pm the Parking ticket was issued at 11:10pm at night. There was also a no waiting sign at the top of the street stating no waiting with a picture of lorry and a bus underneath and writing of 5 ton my vehicle was a car and as far as these signs are concerned there was no contravention that occurred so why did I get a parking ticket? I don't understand. Now the parking enforcement are putting me under immense pressure to pay up. Including passing action on to an enforcement officer to visit my home and repossess and sell off what I have in my home? I still don't understand what I have done wrong. If no contravention why should I pay up. And I was parked there for a medical emergency as I am disabled with diabetes aswell. I dont have enough money to pay them I explained it to them they just don't want to listen. I wrote to Islington council and they never responded. I then emailed them 5 days ago and was promised an answer within 10 days still nothing. What I would like to know is why they are ripping me off and forcing a disabled person (me) to pay for something i never did? I also put in a TE9 form to remove the court order as I never got any notice of court action, nor did I get any reminders, nor did I get any appeal forms to make any representations on. Please help as I don't think it is fair for anybody to be forced to pay for something they never did.

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