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Ian's complaint against Goldcar

Ian Torbet


[RESOLVED] - Excess cleaning charge

Complaint against Goldcar

I hired a car from Goldcar Europe on 10th September for one week. It was a very reasonably priced hiring and a brand new car so I was very happy. However on arriving back home on 18th September I found that 150 euros had been debited from my credit card for an excessive cleaning charge. There was sand on the outside of the car; I had spent a week on a windy, sandy island, so I was shocked to find this charge to clean it off. It was not excessive in any way. There was no one at the point of return of the vehicle to discuss it with, it's not their policy to check cars back apparently. The sand had stuck in some places and I believe this was due to some kind of sticky substance I noticed on the car when I hired it. Being brand new it may have had some kind of sticky packaging although I cannot be certain. I have appealed this charge but been told it will not be revoked. I have correspondence from them received over the period of the last month while they looked into the matter. I also have photos. They sent me a copy of the purported receipt from an external an external company for cleaning, but it's just one of their own receipts made out. The crust of my argument is that this car was given to me with the transport packaging not properly cleaned off, causing sand to stick to it. I should not be liable for the charge.

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Goldcar resolved this complaint

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Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Dear Mr. Torbet, We looked into your case in detail and concluded that the Special Cleaning charge corresponded to the interior of the vehicle (and sent you photos to justify the charge). This is specified in the T&Cs agreed to by all our customers before confirming the booking. Kindest regards, Victoria R. Goldcar representative

Ian Torbet | | VERIFIED

The photos were of the exterior of the vehicle not the interior. The sand on the outside was as I have asserted from the start bonded to the vehicle by some substance that was in the car at the point of hiring, it was brand new and I believe packaging had been removed. Your photos do not justify the charge, you cannot justify the charge. You imposed the maximum cleaning charge upon me to remove some sand. You also sent a blank receipt stating it was from an outside company which it was not.

Ian Torbet | | VERIFIED

Eventually the company agreed to reimburse the cleaning charge after I had written several more letters. Thank you for your assistance
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