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Vix's complaint against Nimax Theatres

Vix Jensen


Difficulties for Disabled getting Tickets to Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

Complaint against Nimax Theatres

Last week, people were able to sign up for advanced ticket booking for the upcoming staged installment of Harry Potter, 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'. The sale of these tickets began at 11am GMT this morning. The majority of (able-bodied) patrons were expected to use an online queue system. For us disabled people, who need accessible seating/companion tickets for carers/access to signed or subtitled performances were expected to call an access line by phone. This line was the only way of getting accessible tickets, as there was no way of doing this online. The access line doubled as the general inquiries line. I, and many other disabled patrons, began calling the number at 11am. If we were lucky enough to be put on hold, we were automatically hung up on after 30-32 minutes with a simple "Sorry, there is no reply" automated message. People with disabilities began complaining about this on Twitter when it became apparent that, no matter how many times we rang the access line, we would always get booted after the same amount of time. Since there was no other way of getting accessible tickets than by phoning, this seemed grossly unfair. After ringing 5 times total unsuccessfully (and, therefore spending nearly 3 hours on hold), I still haven't had any luck. It's taken me kicking up a fuss on social media (Twitter and Facebook) for Nimax Theatres to finally take my number and promise me a call. I have seen much evidence on Twitter of fellow disabled patrons having to give up on repeatedly calling the line because of lack of energy or discouragement. It's important to bear in mind that a lot of disabled people have limited energy levels, and expecting them to dedicate 3+ hours to being ignored is unreasonable and unfair. The fact that the access line is the same as the general inquiries line is problematic in that the able-bodied patrons having difficulty with the website are overwhwelming the already busy line, removing any hope of disabled customers getting through.

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