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Yvonne's complaint against Aer Lingus

Yvonne Beatty


Aer Lingus owe me a refund which I simply CANNOT get out of them. Despite lots of calls and email.

Complaint against Aer Lingus

30th July my colleague Yvonne Beatty (for whom I am submitting this complaint) changed her Aer Lingus flight to a different time. She was flying from Dublin to Brussels that day 30th July. She paid €40 on the phone when she called to make the flight change. She was told the flight was done and she received confirmation that the €40 had been debited from her account. When she got to Dublin airport the check in knew nothing of the new flight arrangements and Yvonne had to go to the Aer Lingus info desk within the airport. Yvonne had to queue for a very long time, getting stressed because the flight was getting closer and she was concerned she might miss it, then explain the whole thing to the lady behind the desk who then had to check through everything and go through a laborious system and calls etc.... then to be told the new flight had not been processed on the system! I immediately advised of my dismay and frustration, asking for my €40 back. The lady processed the request on a telex of which I have a copy. I have called them several times both here in the UK not successful and in Dublin expensive! Never called me back despite promises to do so, never did a refund despite promises to do so. There are a few emails to and from Aer Lingus re this issue too. All available to you if you wish to see them and our notes regarding calls and progress. I would like this to be made clear to Aer Lingus that it is not acceptable, and I wonder how many other people they just 'mess about' and 'stall' to the point of those passengers just 'giving up'!! And Aer Lingus keeping lots of small amounts of other people's money!

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