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Judy's complaint against A Shade Greener

Judy Clemson


A hassle free boiler? I think Not

Complaint against A Shade Greener

It is now around 5 years since my boiler was fitted. The sales man told me it was hassle free, they even offer discounted other plumbing services. The contract is for 14 years at £45 a month. Today we received a letter stating we are accountable for regularly flushing out our heating system and apparently I agreed to this in the terms and conditions. The sales man did not tell me that piece of information. The blackmail comes alongside too. Should I not regularly flush out my heating system the. I will be responsible should the boiler breakdown? When did I agree to this? How is this hassle free? I explained to the sales man the £45 a month was very expensive, but he sold me the idea of hassle free, just sit back and enjoy a better heating system. I believe I have been missold and I will be seeking legal advise.

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Neil Basnett | | VERIFIED

I am having exactly the same issue. I paid £400 in July for two gas engineers to fully power-flush the system including the boiler and filter. I have just had an Viessman engineer come to fix the boiler as the heating did not work. They claim it is my fault and have invoiced me for £232.80 which I am disputing. They are saying the system needs flushing....4 months after it was fully flushed?

Judy Clemson | | VERIFIED

It sounds like they have issues with the boilers and therefore those flushing warnings coming out so they have something to pin it on. Scoundrels

Neil Basnett | | VERIFIED

My previous boiler functioned very well for 14 years after I moved in without there ever being a need for the system to be flushed. It was serviced every year by British Gas and they never required it. At the end of its life, I switched to ASG. After 5 years, this summer it was fully flushed and after one month of central heating this winter, ASG are asking for the system to be flushed again...no!

Ash Jackson | | VERIFIED

I will be looking at this as well. At the time they made no mention of 14 years, no mention of being able to withdraw, just constantly blaming No power flush..!! I installed brand new radiators, water runs crystal clear and even after all that still tell me to pay 350 for another power flush.. now I have a newborn, no hot water and this crooked company to deal with ..!!

Ash Jackson | | VERIFIED

I’ve checked my agreement and it’s states that as soon as you’ve reached £3690 which would be around the 7 year mark you should be able to withdraw. It makes no mention of what is considered paying them for maintenances or service.. the company did my year service took 10mins.. in December 2019.. now in Feb and I’ve got issues with hot water..

Judy Clemson | | VERIFIED

I can see at some point in the future where we can claim for misold services
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