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Deborah 's complaint against A Shade Greener

Deborah Clough


A shade Greener Boilers

Complaint against A Shade Greener

On return from my Weekend away end of October I arrived home and straight away I noticed I had no heating or hot water. I attempted to check the boiler and wouldn’t go on, so I called the Company early evening and my call was transferred to a voicemail man stating to leave your details and contact number a Engineer would call I never received a call so again I tried the Boiler and it came on so I was happy had a shower got warm and went to sleep. The Boiler was fine for another week and it went off again and suddenly I thought nobody rang me from before. This time I tried everything switching the power on off and back on nothing. So I rang again same thing switched to a voicemail and same I left a message nobody called after a couple hours tried again went to the next day I was in work had no time to ring again so I rang when I got home around 5.30pm again no answer left 2 more voicemails nobody called me. So the I waited another day I had no alternative but to ring a reputable Company British Gas who responded within 2 hours they came and repaired the Boiler he gave it a proper service and spend at least 1 1/2 hours on the repairs this cost me £99.00 and I have joined them as I know they will come out when there is a breakdown. I was so angry with this Company I refused to pay my monthly payments and now they have sent me a Default Notice and threatening Text messages and letters. I have tried ringing them to speak to a Customer Service Colleague they are rude and don’t listen. I have tried to sent letters (2) and several emails. Yesterday I stayed on the phone whilst I sent the email to make sure they received it which they have now and now I’m waiting they have been stating I’m in breach of contract as I got another Engineer to repair without asking there permission and now threatening Court for non payments. I have since found out I have a Medical Condition with my Kidneys not functioning properly and have been off work since December with this it’s really stressing me out. Please help!

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