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Just wanted to try and help anyone else who is having a nightmare experience with A Shade Greener. They are members of the Renewable energy consumer code (RECC) they are helpful and have a dispute resolution process. Also citizens advice have been really helpful too. Also if you entered into an off premises contract, I.e. a representative came to your home, check if you were given a cancellation form and info regarding how to cancel contract , if not then the cancellation period extends to up to 1yr 14days. Also not providing the cancellation form is against consumer conduct code and is an offence. Also check your lease has been registered, if unregistered it's not legally enforceable. Just wanted to share some help to any of you in the same nightmare we are! :)

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Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Hi, I’ve tried all of the trade associations. NAPIT, REA, MCS ,RECC etc, none of them will help. Ombudsman services won’t either. I had a canvasser come around several times trying to Palm these panels off on me, eventually I agreed to hear his sales pitch!. I was given a letter saying If I cancel I would have to pay £200. That’s why I went ahead with the fitting. Contact me on fb ,
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