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Reid's complaint against A Shade Greener

Reid Leach



Complaint against A Shade Greener

The girls in the customer care team try to talk down to you , they hide behind their contracts. You have the right to withdraw half way through the agreement which is conveniently in the small print and you have to search for it. My advice is withdraw if you want to hurt this company. Avoid at all costs

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Neil Basnett | | VERIFIED

I have asked for a copy of the agreement so that I can look at withdrawing from the agreement half way through. A boiler thay costs £800 would cost nearly £7,000 if the whole 14 year contract is fulfilled! An absolute rip-off.

Ash Jackson | | VERIFIED

I will be looking at this as well. At the time they made no mention of 14 years, no mention of being able to withdraw, just constantly blaming No power flush..!! I installed brand new radiators, water runs crystal clear and even after all that still tell me to pay 350 for another power flush.. now I have a newborn, no hot water and this crooked company to deal with ..!!

Ash Jackson | | VERIFIED

I’ve checked my agreement and it’s states that as soon as you’ve reached £3690 which would be around the 7 year mark you should be able to withdraw. It makes no mention of what is considered paying them for maintenances or service.. the company did my year service took 10mins.. in December 2019.. now in Feb and I’ve got issues with hot water..
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