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Aamanda's complaint against A Shade Greener

Aamanda Cox



Complaint against A Shade Greener

Contacted these with regards to pigeons nesting under solar panels, no support whatsoever, due to no bird deterrent fitted on the panels now have around 15 pigeons nesting under them! I have had to pay 3 times already to have my guttering cleared because of this and they need doing again! This is going to cost me more than I'm actually saving in having these fitted but the worse part is the disturbance from them usually starting around 5am! This is having an affect on the wellbeing of myself and family as I work shifts and and have children of school age of which our sleep is disturbed on a daily basis! Received a quote to have bird deterrent fitted at a cost of over £1000! Just want these removed now but been told by this company they rent my roof for the next 10 years! Small claims court for me I think! Do NOT allow this company anywhere near your property!!

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Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

I ,along with lots of other people, am Having exactly the same problem, if you’d like to discuss this further contact me through fb
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