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neil's complaint against A Shade Greener

neil conner


[LAPSED] Biomass Boiler problems

Complaint against A Shade Greener

Was contacted late in 2014 by ASG regarding possible installation of a biomass boiler to my detached property on a lease agreement. Arranged for someone to come out and explain the benefits and survey the property where based on the usage of oil from previous years he expected that I would use around 4.5 tonnes of pellets per year. A saving on the amount of oil used. I liked the idea of going to a renewable energy source. After a couple of days I agreed to the installation and things were put in motion for a date in February 2015. On the due day the lads turned up along with delivery of equipment, including a 500 litre buffer tank which was 200 litres larger than the one previously agreed would do the job. The problem was that this would not fit in the utility room where was proposed so they had to install it outside and I had to build an insulated shelter for it. Well eventually it was fitted but the electrician did not have what he needed so had to come back the following day with the parts to finalise his works. So now we were powered up and could start to use the boiler to heat the house and water, I wish !. From the start the radiators in the house struggled to get hot so the only way was to turn some of them off to get heat out of the others. this was reported and they turned up to check out the system. Things never improved and I learnt to live with it or use electric heaters to top things up. The other issue was that the boiler was constantly running hence burning a lot of pellets, again this was reported and they again turned up and checked things out but nothing changed. Another major problem was that on very many occasions did I return home to find that the boiler had gone out and there was no hot water in the buffer tank so therefore no heating and when re-lit it took a couple of hours before you could run the heating or it took much longer to get up to temperature. This fault was reported a number of times and they increased the pressure on the pump, altered the length of the flue, increased the operating temperature to try and overcome the issue, oh and one engineer identified that the time clock on the boiler was incorrectly set which is why it was running for too long when actually running. In the first year I used over 7 tonnes of pellets which was significantly more than suggested. Obviously I was informing ASG about these issues but they would not respond other than to send out an engineer. I would say that the engineers sent out were very pleasant and did confirm that ASG were having issues with biomass boilers generally. I still have the equipment which has been turned off for a year now and I informed ASG this was happening and to inform Ofgem but guess what they did not do this and are still claiming the payment even though I will not sign their paperwork. I am trying now to see if I can get the equipment removed and the lease ended but am sure this will not be easy. I would never ever recommend ASG.

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Lapsed. neil has not responded in 90 days

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Hi, Could you please contact the office to get this resolved. You can either call us on 08453012342 or email us at [email protected] Thanks
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