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Joanne's complaint against A Shade Greener

Joanne Kirkland



Complaint against A Shade Greener

Anyone thinking of getting a boiler from this company DON’T. I had a boiler fitted with this company around 5 years ago. I have never missed a payment in all this time. I have never had any reminders regarding the servicing of the boiler from them. I have had it serviced twice in the whole 5 years. When you do ring up to make an appointment for a service it is in around 3 months’ time. I made an appointment to have it serviced in August. They came the day before. I rang them and they said they would send me another date. I was abroad and received an email stating if it did not respond in 3 days my servicing would be void. I could not get in touch and phoned them immediately on my return. I explained the situation to be told basically “it’s up to you to prove we came on the wrong day, not ours” and due to this they would no longer be servicing my boiler and it was my responsibility to keep it in working order. However, I still had to pay them the same amount until the end of my contract. I stated they had failed in their contract to me and I was basically told “tough”. So they now expect me to pay for the remaining 4 years with no boiler cover. I have already paid in the excess of £3000, absolutely diabolical company who are only interested in taking your money and not keeping up with the contract that you signed for.

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