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Stephanie's complaint against A Shade Greener

Stephanie Carolan



Complaint against A Shade Greener

I had an extension built on my property and due to the location on my electric meter it needed to be moved. I paid for this to be completed and then contacted yourselves to connect the solar panels back up to my meter. I paid £238 for this work to be donebut due to a shade greener staff not having the correct equipment they were unable to complete/even start the work. I have recently recived another invoice from yourselves to ask for a further £489.47 after I have already paid £238 for my last visit. On our last visit from a shade greener, no work was completed/started due to your staff not having the correct equipment. I quote what was said by your electrician “I could of done it but I used what I needed on my last job”. I informed yourselves before any of your maintenance team visited, that the box you had previously fitted did not meet regulation standards. My own electrican had informed me of this and was the reason he declined to connect himself. You would not take my word for this insiting I either get a report from my own electrician or pay for yourselves to come out and connect the panels to my electric meter. You also threatened that if I did not do this I would be charged daily for the panel not being connected. Due to these threats I paid for you to come out and complete the work yourselves. As I said above, no work was completed due to your staff not having the equipment needed, they agreed that the box did not meet current regulation standards however I was still expected to pay. I contact yourselves after this visit but nothing had been documented by your electrician and I was assured I would not be charged again for a second visit as it was not my fault. You can imagine my disappointment when a month later, I received another invoice that must be paid before work can be completed. I have made several attempts to contact a shade greener but have had no luck in speaking with anyone to try resolve this.

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I've had a boiler installed by these guys a few years ago i got behind with payments but got told by one of the sales people be okay now I've been sent a court order but when they took my old boiler out I didn't ask them to trade my old in they did it of there own back so what did they get for the trade in did they offer me anything no so in a way is that theft and they send me a court order
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