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Shaun's complaint against A Shade Greener

Shaun Lyth


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Complaint against A Shade Greener

I've had a boiler installed now for at least 3 years with a shade greener at first everything was ok beginning of this year I was having problems with my radiators there was not getting hot A Shade Greener come out to have a look to see what the problem was then replace some parts in the boiler but I was still having the same problem I then got told they would not do normal repairs as this is done needs a full flush or bearing in mind flush out Wisdom when the boiler was installed I know for a fact a flush out can take up to 8 hours but this was only done for one hour I was also told I could not get a third party in to solve the problem in the end I end up doing it myself at this point I also cancel my direct debit because there was refusing to do other work two months later I reinstalled the direct debit at the beginning of this month I noticed water coming out from the bottom of the boiler I ran up on the Monday to get an engineer out and was told they are not willing to send anybody out until I have paid the £107 why are bearing in mind I have asked for payment plan to be put in place I did offer to pay £20 a month in July but as I'm off work at the moment PTSD money is very tight now I have explained this to them and they said it's not their problem I can no longer get a shower because the water temperature he's up and down 1 minute it goes cold next mate very hot the last time I did this I bet myself I cannot get a bath as I'm registered disabled I've explained all this to them and the only reply you get it's not my problem I also explain to them regarding the boiler leaking water near the electrics with their liability if it's caught fire again they reply was no not a problem and that money that you owe us and we will send somebody out so now I can no longer get a shower I have offered to pay £5 a month and they have refused to accept it so therefore it's going to be some time before I can get my boiler repairs so therefore I can no longer get a shower the attitude from all their staff and management is unbelievable very very rude this is stressing me out very bad and making my PTSD worse

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