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Jackie's complaint against A Shade Greener

Jackie Rendles



Complaint against A Shade Greener

I would like to have the solar panels removed from my property as there are birds living underneath them and I was told that this couldn't happen when they were fitted.

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Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Wow! How did you manage to put your review in without leaving any stars? Lots of people would love to do the same myself included! There’s hundreds of us out here having problems with ASG .contact me on fb if you would like to swap notes.


A shade greener are members of RECC and they are very helpful and have dispute resolution. Good luck trying to get a response from ASG! We are currently having legal advice due to solicitors letters from ASG. Citizens advice are also very helpful if u get no reply from ASG.

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Sorry M Adam, that won’t work. Been there . Contact me on fb. I’ll tell you more if you are only at the contacting RECC stage!

Andrew Carroll | | VERIFIED

Pam can you help me at all same problemS

Shaun Lyth | | VERIFIED

Hi I am having lots of problems with asg can Any one help me please. They have threatened to take me to court

Tammy May | | VERIFIED

Go careful what you put on Facebook publicly as they monitor it and issue strong worded letters threatening to sue you for libel.

Jay White | | VERIFIED

Hi, problem ASG panels installed 2013, on brilliant day, generate 3.6kw, yet other 300 days of year, makes nothing, asked ASG to exchange some panels for updated ones, that generate in poorer lighting, ASG refused, saying I am not allowed or me pay to change them, they wont pay, they only do maintenance ?, wont change to better efficient panels ? my elect is £140/mt this is lost generation

Jay White | | VERIFIED

Look at land reg, "ASG F4 ltd" applied onto my lease with company, A SHADE GREENER F4 Ltd, yet ASG respond with A SHADE GREENER MAINTAINANCE Ltd, Both of these are two separate legal companies, ASG want me to write to ASGM to complain, ASGM is NOT in my lease, checks, show MASS of A Shader Greener linked companies at their same address. Sol says breach of contract, to inception promises.
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