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Stephen's complaint against A Shade Greener

Stephen Gray


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Complaint against A Shade Greener

When I first got the boiler I was told I had nothing to pay for 3 months, the 4th month I received a letter from land Registry stating that I hadn't paid my bill and they wanted to put an attachment to my house I argued this case for quite a few months with proof as shown to Land Registry and they liked it and said they will not be proceeding with the registry against my house. then they took 2 payments without informing me from my bank account leaving my family without food for a week when contacted they said that they missed a payment and had to take double but did not inform me so I cancelled my direct debit cancelled my card and set up a standing order after 3 months of non payment once this was sorted I arranged an overpayment to pay the arrears off which was paid and isn't left still at standing order. Past couple of weeks I've been getting emails telling me that I now need to set up a direct debit I sent them an email telling them what happened what was going on and that I was not going to set a direct debit up again and the response was it's the rules and regulations which you signed well the broke them in the 4th Month by telling land registry that I haven't paid when they've turn around told me I were to pay. I received an email saying today that I have an appointment for a boiler service I emailed and contact to tell them that I cannot be there and can we reschedule the appointment to be told that I will be receiving a note saying that they have terminated the contract and that I have to pay the rest of bit the bill in full, I said I don't think so you can't do that because part of the monthly payments involves you getting a service done once a year the woman then turn around said we can do that because you broke the terms of agreement so I said I don't think so you're cancelling the terms of agreement but not continuing the services on my boiler and still charging me the full price, she asked me a couple of times and am I cancelling and I turned round said I'm not cancelling, which I asked is this telephone call being recorded which he then turn around said all our calls are recorded I turned round and said was supposed to tell me and informed me that this call is being monitored and recorded and that it's breaking the law and I turned round said no I'm not saying I'm cancelling and she turned me outside right will send somebody tomorrow even though nobody is going to be in, today after that with this cold has made me feel a bit ill as I suffer anxiety depression high blood pressure type 1 diabetes grade 2 stomach ulcer I'm due to all the stress and trouble that was said today has made me ill and I'm at work. I Found the conversation very threatening and very scary and very worrying due to them saying they were going to cancel and send me a big bill. DO NOT GO NEAR THIS COMPANY THEY DO NOT CARE THEY HELP THEMSELVES TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT THEY TAKE ATTACHMENT ON YOUR PROPERTY AND THEN IF YOU'RE ILL THEY WILL JUST MAKE YOU EVEN MORE HILL BY KEEP THREATEN YOU WITH TERMINATION OF CONTRACT AND THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE A FINAL BILL WHICH WILL BE A BIG BILL BE WARNED

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Stephen Gray | | VERIFIED


Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Looking at all of these review sites there’s not only people having problems with ASG solar panels but their boiler customers also seem to be having a nightmare time. Why don’t you get together and write to Rip Off Britain?

Stephen Gray | | VERIFIED

I have already done this, just waiting for email or phone call back

Steve Davey | | VERIFIED

Join our Facebook group it's called ASG problems and complaints formally known has Everlasting Boilers
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