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Martyn's complaint against A Shade Greener

Martyn Campbell


Doves wrecking my roof.

Complaint against A Shade Greener

For the last two years my roof has been infested with doves nesting under the solar panels .they also die under them and in the summer my house is infested with flies .the doves poo has completely blocked my guttering and the rain cascades down my walls causeing damp.my conservatory is cover of in bird poo and so is my patio.all because a shader green never fitted side guards a shader green never told me that there would be a problem with birds nesting even though they knew it was a major problem because it's all over the internet .I phoned to complain and ask if the would sort the problem.yes they said but only if I pay.when I said no way ur negligence has caused this problem all I got was look we don't know where birds are gonna next .I got no help wotsoever they so called maintenance team are a joke and very rude .all I want is guards put on and my gutter cleaned for free .I wud advise people to stay away from a shader green .they will not sort the problems out that they cause .disgusting.

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