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Von's complaint against A Shade Greener

Von Mazz


Faulty boiler

Complaint against A Shade Greener

Absolutely disgusted in the So called service ASG have provided. Every year the boiler is serviced in order to guarantee 10 year warranty with the boiler which was installed in 2015. The boiler went into fault mode leaving us no hot water or heating, on calling ASG I was told they would not speak to me due to the contract not being in my name but my partners, however this was not the case when they wanted the service booking in and paying for weeks before the issue occurred. My partner is working in scotland and he had to call them for them to talk him through what the fault was and how to rectify it. They claimed it was a pressure issue and gave directions on how to resolve it. There guidance did not work so the next day he called again, the woman on the phone actually even questioned how my partner knew it still wasnt working as he wasnt present. They then claimed it was not the pressure and it was actually a fault that was not covered by them, leaving myself (heavily pregnant) and two children with no boiler and having to call out a private contractor. During conversations with the private contractor who attended straight away and rectified the issue he identified the problem and advised us to go to the manufacturer; on calling the manufacturer it turns out that ASG have not even registered the 10 year extended warranty they should have done upon agreeing for us to service the boiler with themselves every year. Do not use this organisation!!!!!!!

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shade greener are members of RECC and they are very helpful and have dispute resolution. Good luck trying to get a response from ASG! We are currently having legal advice due to solicitors letters from ASG. Citizens advice are also very helpful if u get no reply from ASG.

Steve Davey | | VERIFIED

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