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Aggie's complaint against A Shade Greener

Aggie Smolinski


Ignorant comapny - Solar Panels - Pigeons

Complaint against A Shade Greener

We have solar panels provided by Ashead greener. We have asked them for temporary removal for the roof renovation. As per contract we can have it free of charge 2 times for 3 months. Our roof is occupied by pigeons attracted by solar panels and the state of the roof is in very poor condition. Company is not willing to put safe guards around the solar panels to stop pigeons going under. but the amount of debris and trapped pigeons that dies underneath is unreal. Hence why we want the temporary removal to clean the roof and renovate it as its happen to go to our attic as well. company booked temporary removal date wc 4,6,18 but nobody showed up. No they are not responding to any email, phone calls. I can just mention that the company is renting our roof to make money on the energy produced by solar panels.

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Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

I’m having problems with pigeons nesting and causing damage under their solar panels, if you would like to contact me on FB we could swap notes

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

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