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Al's complaint against A Shade Greener

Al Wilson


MCS Rip off

Complaint against A Shade Greener

What an unpleasant company a shade greener are to deal with, or should I say a Shady Greener! I had no issues with the company until I came to remortgage my property and then the wrangling began. A shade greener had failed to send me any installation documents after installation 4 years ago, I’d pursued but had been told that my welcome pack which was basically all their sales pitch, had everything I needed and i could access my info about my panels on my account on their website. This turned out not to be true and due to being ill informed at the time I took whosever word it was. Fast forward 4 years and I need to remortgage my house, let me just highlight a paragraph from my installation/welcome letter: If in the future you want to remortgage your property-As you can imagine having to get around two hundred consents per week from mortgage providers for the past couple of years we have developed excellent relationships with their legal departments and in some instances, and at no cost to you, can actually expedite your application and make it a much easier process because we can put you in touch with the right people and the right department from the start. Then they give you a contact number for an in-house soliciter. Your mortgage provider will need a micro generation certificate which i now know was one of the documents I should’ve been sent, but wasn’t. A shade greener said that due to me “already having been sent this document(something i know for a fact didn’t happen) the duplicate would cost me 180 plus vat. The mcs website informs all solar panel users that as long as they can provide ownership proof then the duplicate document if its been lost is 30! I couldn’t provide own ownership proof as they are on the lease agreement. I told a shade greener I’d never received such a document and there email response (you cant speak on the phone to anyone unless they are taking money from you, they phone you back after you leave numerous voicemails but wont answer any questions over the phone. Their email response time is 7 days to every query so dialogue is virtually impossible and time ebbs away from your mortgage offer) was this : Such fees have been introduced under company policy, which we are entitled to do, due to the unprecedented amount of requests that we receive from customers and Solicitors for documents that have already been provided, and legal services that completely surpass any obligations set out in the lease agreement. Let me be very clear in that A Shade Greener are not obligated to provide any duplicate documentation or carry out any legal services whatsoever under the terms of the lease. Many other solar panel installation companies do not provide the comprehensive after service that we do and many are no longer trading. Therefore, the fee allows us to offer this service and documentation when required. How is it that they can hold people to ransom and refuse to release vital safety documentation unless the householder releases a small fortune for the documents needed to satisfy the lender. My options were forget my remortgage, which id already paid fees of 350 to get it to this stage or pay there demand on a document I’d never received in the first place. I feel so angry that they have exploited me and want people to know so they can avoid this very unpleasant experience.

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Simon Hepworth | | VERIFIED

I am finding it impossible to remortgage becuase of the panels Who did you go with

Jay White | | VERIFIED

Look at land reg, "ASG F4 ltd" applied onto my lease with company, A SHADE GREENER F4 Ltd, yet ASG respond with A SHADE GREENER MAINTAINANCE Ltd, Both of these are two separate legal companies, ASG want me to write to ASGM to complain, ASGM is NOT in my lease, checks, show MASS of A Shader Greener linked companies at their same address. Sol says breach of contract, to inception promises.
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