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Robbie's complaint against A Shade Greener

Robbie Adamson


Mis-selling: shown a buyout clause in the lease but actually doesn't exist

Complaint against A Shade Greener

A big part of our decision to go ahead with free solar panels with ASG what is the inclusion of a buyout option within the lease contract. I was shown this on the sales visit and it forms part of my query regarding selling on our home, as this makes the agreement completely flexible. However, the agreement we were sent after signing up didn't include this option, then I have had great difficulty in contacting the company ever since. Recently we have been contacted by ASG as the system has gone down, so this gave me the chance to raise the issue. I had to wait for a call back from the legal team who then told me that they never offered this option - this is a complete on truth as I actually saw an example of the table, and as I was selling systems at the time I was even comparing the costs to our prices. When I said I wouldn't let them enter the property to fix the system until they got a buyout table to me I was threatened with court action, and told they would pursue me for loss of income. This is causing me great concern so I felt as though I had no option but to arrange a time for them to come and fix the system but I now feel hugely aggrieved and stressed about the situation that this may cause me a problem when we come to sell our home. Our main grievance is that we were clearly shown this and now they are completely denying it, and absolute lie and a mis-sell....actually feels like a fraudulent act.

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