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Leanne's complaint against A Shade Greener

Leanne Pinder


Miss Sold

Complaint against A Shade Greener

i have tried to resolve this several time with a shade greener and they dont even respond this is my last try before i take them to a small claims court. A gentleman came out to discuss the solar panels with us as they had said they would add value to our property i made him fully aware that i was not staying at the property as we had a growing family and discussed for a long period of time if we would be able to move having them put on i was guaranteed by him that i would not have any problems and he himself had solar panels and that he had just sold his property and also revived a booklet that has it a section stated Myths-can i sell my property Truth-you can sell you property at any time and thousands of their customer had sold without a problem> i have tried to sell my property 4 times now and each time it has failed through due to the solar panels as the buyers were unable to get a mortgage.i have been totally miss sold them by the miss leading information i have been given. I am at the moment stuck in a house that is to small for us unable to move due to lies this gentleman gave me. i have spoke to a solicitor who i will pay to go to the small claims court with me however i have been told to contact them 1 last time to see if this can be resolved. i have tried to contact a shade greener and leave messages with no call backs> i want my solar panels removing ASAP thank you

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Mark Cockerham | | VERIFIED

My mother-in-law was due to complete on the sale of here property tomorrow 19/04/2018. We've spent the last 4 days emptying the house, given most of her furniture to charity and put the rest in storage. This morning she received a call informing her the buyer had pulled out due to ASGs incompetence. This is the second time its happened and she's also had lots of offers retracted due to the panels.
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