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Julie's complaint against A Shade Greener

Julie Mahoney


Not being informed of risk of pigeons nesting prior to installation

Complaint against A Shade Greener

I had solar panels installed and soon found I had a couple on my roof. I complained askING if they could fit guards and was told no. I said I was not informed of the likely hood of pest infesting my home. my garden and my walls and windows are always dirty and the noise is bad. I contacted saying I was not happy and when not helpful said I did not want the panels as I would not have signed had I known. I was told I entered into a contract and I threatened to turn the panels off to which I was threatened with legal action if I did so. I received a letter also stating that they are not legally obliged to fit guards and was also informed that they no longer fit them as a goodwill gesture. I am a sole owner and don't earn a lot and nowadays it requires scaffolding not ladders to do this kind of job. I do not have this money kind of money. I do not have ladders, I am scared of birds and heights. My neighbours have put mesh on theirs and gleefully informed me of no mess in their garden anymore of course I already knew as mine got worse. There was a young out of work lad who came and cleaned the guttering for us yet after only a couple of months since my neighbours meshed their panels, I came home one days to see the now 20+ pigeons sole index my panels have filled the guttering to the point it has broken the brackets and is sagging and twisted. It is very low and will fall and I am scared every time I go to my bins, I am scared of the damage to come and or getting hurt. The company should inform people as seeing all the complaints they must be aware that pigeons do use the panels as a coup. I am seeking advice about the hazard and it's funny the letter prior to scaffold build states the company is committed to the health and safety of their customers.... my safety is at risk and my health is with the pigeon poo everywhere.

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Jay White | | VERIFIED

Hi, problem ASG panels installed 2013, on brilliant day, generate 3.6kw, yet other 300 days of year, makes nothing, asked ASG to exchange some panels for updated ones, that generate in poorer lighting, ASG refused, saying I am not allowed or me pay to change them, they wont pay, they only do maintenance ?, wont change to better efficient panels ? my elect is £140/mt this is lost generation
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