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Ash 's complaint against A Shade Greener

Ash Jackson


Once again blame others

Complaint against A Shade Greener

Spoke to these people again.. I’ve just had a baby and so I’m functioning on little sleep and the last thing I need is for these people to cause me more hassle. The water is cold and I’m too scared to resort to boiling kettles to bathe my 6 week old baby!! I call them.. as part of the company’s policy to blame everyone but themselves for not doing anything .. I’ve spent over a £1000’s with with new Radiators and did a power flush in November 2019 just as I was about to give birth. I then had the ‘yearly my service and everything was perfect supposedly. Now the blame is back to ‘do a power flush’ .. I’m done playing their games.. I will get legal advice and I will get away from these cowboys who I pay over £40 a month to who do nothing but make me miserable and now have started to impact how I feel during a time when I really do not want to get emotional about boilers and worry about no hot water to bathe the baby in..!!

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Ash Jackson | | VERIFIED

I’m done with this company, now keep getting F2 errors again blaming power flush.. and no thought to what this will do to a house hold with a 6 week old baby during the winter period. Come and take your boiler and anything else you believe, you put in our house , I’m done paying you to make my life miserable.
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