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Carol's complaint against A Shade Greener

Carol Tattersall


Out of warranty charge

Complaint against A Shade Greener

I have benn hit with a £120 chatge for an apparent non warranty call out. I called and went through steps with a telephone operator. Explaining i had 2 dashes in window. We reset boiler. Checkef bendy pipes and opened tje valves apparently i should hear a gush of watet. Nothing. So they arranged an engineer. He entered my house with my child only in the property. As the time call so i could be home was ignored. He bled a radiator 2 minutes in my house and left. 10 days later i get a bill.i call them aparently the operator said i had said the pressure was at zero. Whilst on the phone we looked t the boiler. I hadnt even seen the dial . Before ( my boiler is in back of a deep cupboard and i have a mobility issue. I explained this had happened 3 times since so they have not sorted the issue. If you call us out agin youll be charged. But hr said there could be a leak. I have checked all rads no leak. I have raised a complaint and they say no i said ptessute was at 0 on a dial i hadnt even noticed let alone read it. What so i do im worried i have a hidden leak causing damage i have full coverage so i assumed i was coveted. At no point in initial call did they mention a fee.. there explanation was it didnt sound like non warranty. On aaking people the boilee was clearly over pressured shouldnt they have pcked that up prior to call oht. Help please.

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