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Jan's complaint against A Shade Greener

Jan White


Pigeon heaven our hell!!!

Complaint against A Shade Greener

Shade greener fitted our solar panels a few years ago and I now wished I had never heard of them. Wished we had been warned about pigeons making nests around and under them. Its now becoming a health issue. I often have to wash a load of washing again as they poo on my sheets etc and we are forever washing the path down outside as pigeon mess is everywhere. I don't like sitting out in the garden now because of the mess they make .My fence gets marks all down it I rang Shade Greener to be told it would cost £450 for guards to be fitted when I was desperate and asked for some help.I feel it was Shade Greener's place to let us know about the risk of pigeons nesting at the beginning as they must have known. After all they are using our roof. I was told I could perhaps get it done independently but why should we have to fork out for equipment that is not ours but what about the damage these birds are causing to our roofs and gutters. I live in a terrace and three of my neighbours also have Shade Greener solar panels fitted and we all feel the same. It is especially annoying when I found out another neighbour had them fitted for free at the same time as having panels fitted. Come on Shade Greener this is a real problem that is an environmental issue -get your act together and fit them for all your existing customer's or I can see you getting a lot more complaints and bad publicity

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Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

I’m also having problems with pigeons nesting and causing damage under their solar panels, if you would like to contact me on FB we could swap notes
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