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Brian's complaint against A Shade Greener

Brian Burdis


[RESPONDED] Pigeon Proofing

Complaint against A Shade Greener

I have had my solar panels from a shade greener for about 3 years now and the space under them has been invaded by pigeons, The mess/smell and noise if horrendous and Shade Greener will do nothing to help. They offered to Pigeon Proof them for about £2500. I persopnally think as they own the panels and that i had no such problem prior to installation that they should correct the proble. Do i have any legal argument? Thanks Brian

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A Shade Greener | | VERIFIED

Hi, Could you please contact the office to get this resolved. You can either call us on 08453012342 or email us at [email protected] Thanks

Brian Burdis | | VERIFIED

Ive already called your office and was told i would have to pay, you pretend to try to help your customers You tell people to call you but you continue to tell them we have to pay to put right a problem your solar panels have caused. You are renting my roofspace you are causing the problemss

Brian Burdis | | VERIFIED

At a cost of £2000 any saving we may have made using your panels is totaly wiped out and would probably take 5+ years for the customer to recoup the cost of the bird proofing. I hope the goverment stop the feed in tarrifs for companys like yours

Brian Burdis | | VERIFIED

Cant even come back with a reason they charge people
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