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Belinda's complaint against A Shade Greener

Belinda Lodge


Pigeons and infections and mess

Complaint against A Shade Greener

I called a shade greener could not get through left a message they contacted me by email. I was told they do not put pigeon deterant wire on the roof but they would get me a quote. The quote was over £2350.00 to put wire round the outside. If I wanted to get someone else to do it they would have to approve it. The birds are so noise are lifting and banging the solar panels leaving mess everywhere and can cause 3 types of in fection to humans. But do they care no. Surely if the solar panels belong to them they have a duty of care to the houses and people they supply them to. I have already had to have my gutters cleaned out. This is getting out of hand and what do they do, well they put barriers up and just want to charge the earth for it. They should have been open to everybody when they were installed to advise us that this could happen. Surely there is a law that says there contract should be open and transparent

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