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Hafez's complaint against A Shade Greener

Hafez Abdo


Pigeons Problems - A Shade Greener Miscounduct

Complaint against A Shade Greener

I, like many other people in the UK, had leased my roof to A Shad Greener in 2014. They installed their solar panels on my house roof - caused some damages to my house at the time and gone. Recently I noticed that a number of pigeons nested between A Shade Greener solar panels and my roof. The birds are causing too much noise and making a mess. I contacted A Shade Greener by email and left them a voice message. They replied to me briefly. Had to contact them again and inform them that I intend to apply for a court order before they answered my phone call. However, they did not accept liability and offered me to place a guard around their solar panel for a £1500 charge payable by myself. My claim is based on a number of facts: 1- Before having the panels fitted not birds nested on my roof; 2- Their solar panels provided a shelter for the pigeons to nest on my roof; 3- I did not know about such a problem before having the panels fitted; 4- When A Shade Greener installed the panels they did not inform me of the possibility of birds nesting under the panels - As a professional company I'd assume they Knew about such a problem; 5- They did not offer me the guards in the first place, so I could have made my mind to lease my roof to them or not Therefore, I feel I was cheated by A Shade Greener; and mistreated by their poor customer services. I want A Shade Greener to clear the birds from my house roof, clean the mess they made and fit a guard around their solar panels at their own expense. I would expect A Shade Greener to be responsible for the environmental damage I and my family are experiencing because of their solar panels; and would expect them to admit liability. If not, I would want to see this company being hold accountable in the British Court of Justice.

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Dominique Fuentes | | VERIFIED

Hi. I've had the same problems . Have you had any luck?

Hafez Abdo | | VERIFIED

I have been in touch with ASG a number of times about this issue. many promises have been made to me and nothing practical happened. The case is in the Court now and hopefully it will be sorted soon. I call on support from the community on this case.
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