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Steve's complaint against A Shade Greener

Steve Bedford


Poor company with awful service

Complaint against A Shade Greener

I, like many others, have had problems with ASG. It started when I missed an engineer appointment and was charged the £75 which at the time I did not know about. ASG had updated the agreement by apparently sending out an email, which I did not receive. I refused to pay the £75 and ASG refused to send out another engineer and eventually threatened me with cancelling the agreement. I filed a complaint to ASG, pointing out that they could not just alter our contract by email and expect us to have received and read it. I also had an issue with ASG not sending engineers out, in the past, within the time periods stated in their contract and were therefore in breach. ASG were also bringing forward the annual service date by 2 or 3 months each year (which would eventually mean they save on a service over the 10 year period). This formed part of my complaint which I eventually had to file with the Ombudsman. They got ASG to waive the £75 and an engineer was finally sent out. I have had nothing but trouble with ASG whenever I have needed them. The only thing they have done well is collect my money every month. Just last week I thought the boiler had gone off altogether and rang ASG last Saturday afternoon. There was no-one there so I had to leave a message! Luckily I worked out what the problem was and sorted it out myself. It is now Wednesday evening and ASG have yet to call me back. For all they know I could have been without hot water and heating for 4 days! For anyone considering using ASG, please avoid like a plague.

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