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Paul's complaint against A Shade Greener

Paul King


Refusing to remove solar panels

Complaint against A Shade Greener

A shade greener placed solar panels on my roof but they didn't seek out permission from either the land registry or my mortgage company so that when I enquired from sharon from their legal team she acknowledged a mistake had been made, and told me via letter that our house address had been forwarded to the depot to arrange their removal. She also said in the letter that as my house was up for sale the new buyer could either keep them on without contract or enter into a contract or have them removed. Now here is the issue I have a buyer waiting who's lender doesn't want the panels and now A shade greeners legal team who I spoke to Sharon and Amy whilst they've acknowledged I have it in writing they are refusing to remove the panels, I'm risking losing the sale of my home etc. I have been told (by sharon or karen from legal) the directors said "well the letter was a few months ago?" And did you ring back In to confirm the apointment (something which isn't on the letter nor ever agreed or said on the phone) so I find myself and my legal team now sat here with a shade greener refusing to even respond to a simple request of when they can remove or disconnect the panels, we are in a situation cause they messed up, but now they are making me and my family and the buyer and her children suffer through a lack of owning up to their wrong and just doing the right thing. I believe a contract is only as good as all partners agreeing on that contract unfortunately a shade greener forgot to include others partners like my mortgage company in the contract which I believe as they have admitted makes the solar panels on my roof permissible and open to be removed without cost or obligation. A shade greener should not be ignoring an honest family trying to prevent themselives going into debt buy selling their home, they should be a company who takes a mistake on the chin and has compassion on those who deserve It

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