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Peter's complaint against A Shade Greener

Peter Alliott


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Complaint against A Shade Greener

I contacted A Shade Greener to request a copy of my solar panel agreement as I couldn't find my original. They told me that they could do this for a fee of £216.00! This is outrageous! How can this be justified?

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Nigel Thompson | | VERIFIED

I’m in the process of selling my house, I have been trying to get the MCS certificate but they are trying to get me pay £216. I have never had the certificate and I have kept everything I have ever had from ASG I’ve even got the scaffolding details. So many people do not have this certificate surely something is amiss.

Nigel Thompson | | VERIFIED

We contacted the governing body of the MCS and they told us that only the panel owners ASG would be entitled to this certificate. It would appear that a letter/email from the governing body may be enough and the do not supply all the documentation so they can charge you £216 for everything you may require to sell your property.

Karen Maher | | VERIFIED

Hello, in the early stages of selling my property which has solar panels fitted by ASG and looks like I will have this exact same problem as I have never received any documentation from them. Are there any other charges they try to fleece you with when selling?

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

MCS were listed along with NAPIT and REAL as partners with ASG , conflict of interest? I took screenshots before ASG removed this info

Jenny Farrall-Bird | | VERIFIED

I am selling my house & you have to pay the £216 there is no way around it. Our problem now is our whole selling/buying chain is waiting for an acknowledgement that ASG have registered the deed of variation with the land registry. There is nothing I or my solicitor can do, we are beholden to the legal team at ASG, who don't answer the phone & every time you send a chase email they don't respond

Shakira Greaves | | VERIFIED

Hi, have you completed yet? How long did the land registry take? We’re in a chain and the house below us has ASG Panels and is hold the hole chain up. 20 weeks in and we’re still not exchanged. Any advise would be grateful
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