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Jon's complaint against A Shade Greener

Jon Lander


[RESPONDED] Rude call centre staff

Complaint against A Shade Greener

Over the weekend I had a fault occur with the boiler. The contact number on the boiler was no longer in use and the message gave a replacement contact number. I called this number and left my details. After waiting a while and not receiving a response I searched my paperwork for an additional contact number. I called this number and was provided with an emergency call out number different to the previous emergency number. I called this later number and received a response shortly after leaving my details. The engineer attended on the Monday and rectified the fault. Later on the Monday evening the boiler developed a further fault. I called the number that had been successful in receiving a response just some hours earlier. The following day by 12 noon I still had not received a response so I called the offices. I explained that I had called the night before to report the fault & asked at what time today the engineer would be attending. There was no hot water and I have children in the house. However I was told that this wasn't a company number, despite the voicemail informing me that I had called a shade greener LLP and having previously received a response. The operatives attitude became dismissive so I asked to be transferred to his supervisor. I was transferred to Lisa. Lisa the manager was rude, arrogant, disrespectful and constantly interrupted when I was talking. As i find this ignorant condescending manner unacceptable I requested to be transferred to Lisa's manager. I was then transferred to a another member of office staff, not Lisa's manager. In total disrespect & contempt to customers, failing to carry out a simple task, and failing to explain there was no one else above Lisa within the office at that time, just shows how amateur and incompetent Lisa is as a manager.

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A Shade Greener | | VERIFIED

Hi, Could you please contact the office to get this resolved. You can either call us on 08453012342 or email us at [email protected] Thanks

Jon Lander | | VERIFIED

Complete and utter incompetence by a bunch of idiots. Total incompetence from start to finish. They threaten legal action on false grounds if you don't take a complaint down.
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