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adrian's complaint against A Shade Greener

adrian taylor



Complaint against A Shade Greener

Its a joke, to get your boiler serviced you know need to know what make of boiler it is even though its provided under lease by this company! Every time you contact them its a nightmare to get anything sorted, even their engineers complain about the "customer service department"

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Charlie Lockster | | VERIFIED

You shouldn't complain to them because they have a job to do its because of new data protection laws and I am sure they don't want to go to prison because they broke it. Plus because of this new DPA they are protecting you as lots of people could just pretend to be you and access your account and do whatever I think you own them an apology just because their doing their job!You would do the same.


A shade greener are members of RECC and they are very helpful and have dispute resolution. Good luck trying to get a response from ASG! We are currently having legal advice due to solicitors letters from ASG. Citizens advice are also very helpful if u get no reply from ASG.

Steve Davey | | VERIFIED

Join our Facebook group it's called ASG problems and complaints formally known has Everlasting Boilers
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