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David's complaint against A Shade Greener

David Ingledew


Selling home with solar panels - lease not registered on land registry!

Complaint against A Shade Greener

We got the solar panels installed in 2015. We've accepted an offer on our house and their solicitor has discovered that A Shade Greener have not submitted the lease to Land Registry. The contact numbers I have for them are prerecorded messages. I've left two voicemails and sent an email. We have a completion date for the house we're moving in to and want this matter resolved as a matter of urgency.

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singu ki | | VERIFIED

singu ki | | VERIFIED

Hi David I'm going through the same problem can you please tell me if you have managed to sort land registry and how long it took Many thanks

Martin O'Hara | | VERIFIED

Hi Singu, I am also having the same problem, did you manage to get yours sorted? If so, how long did it take? Such a terrible company

Craig Wardell | | VERIFIED

Hi, I am just in the process of remortgaging my property and noticed people are saying they are having problems with lenders. Can anyone confirm if they have managed to remortgage their property with solar panels from A Shade Greener and how long it took?

David Ingledew | | VERIFIED

Hi guys, we eventually got this sorted but it was a massive chew on. I just kept ringing the head office receptionist every 20 minutes until it got sorted. They then eventually replied to my emails. My solicitor got them to sort the land registry out.

Leanne Gifford | | VERIFIED

We are having the same issue whilst remortgaging but I eventually got a reply by email from a shade greener. We've had to pay £216 to get the lease amended then had to pay the banks solicitor another £75 to check the documents as a shade greener did not appear to know what they were doing. It is now with the land registry and we are still awaiting the remortgage to go through.
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