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Pam's complaint against A Shade Greener

Pam Martono


So.ar panel pigeon infestation nightmare!

Complaint against A Shade Greener

Worst experience with a company ever! My advice is if you get roped into signing up with this company, make sure you get pigeon guards as standard. Get it in writing!! This is supposed to be a free offer, but if you accept it you should get your own solicitor to go through the contract. Therefore costing you money so it’s not all free! I was assured by the canvasser that ASG will take care of all the legal work and that I didn’t need a solicitor, being under the impression that this was government run. I assumed I had all the protection I needed.learned that the hard way! It is actually government funded, they hand over money to ASG or as they put it’ provide the framework for an investment opportunity, the various marketing approaches and offers that commercial ‘rent a roof’ companies employ unfortunately are not government schemes’ they go on to say ‘ we would always advise homeowners who are considering entering into such an agreement to seek legal advice before doing so’ . Well that wasn’t explained to me beforehand. The government should vet these companies before handing over funding or better still stick with the scheme from start to finish therefore they will have more of a chance that their scheme will be a success instead of a dismal failure! If you ,like many others , experience pigeon infestation as a result , ASG will fit guards but will charge an extortionate amount of money to do so! £450+vat + scaffolding, +-£1.500 . Wish I had never heard of A Shade Greener!

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