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Pam's complaint against A Shade Greener

Pam Martono


Solar. Panel pigeon problem

Complaint against A Shade Greener

Hi , I had free solar panels fitted by Ashadegreener in late 2014. Immediately I started to have trouble with pigeons nesting under the panels and causing damage to my gutters and conservatory roof. I contacted ASG and they agreed to fit, free of charge , pigeon guards. My neighbours had already had theirs fitted several weeks before I requested mine. But they said there was a six month waiting list. I waited but ASG never got back to me, I tried calling, leaving messages, emailing but no one got back to me until late last year , two and a half years after I had requested the guards! Their reply was that they will no longer fit the guards for free as agreed and now I must pay £450 plus scaffolding charges,(+- £1,500) I did not think that it was my responsibility to fit pigeon guards to solar panels that were not even owned by me! There were several back and forth emails sent but eventually they sent me a letter saying although it’s unfortunate that my home was being damaged by the pigeons the pigeons WILL NOT damage the solar panels and their only obligation was to maintain the solar panels. They had no legal obligation to fit the guards! And it was also not in the contract that they would fit them . I soon realised that I was dealing with a company who do not honour their word, albeit , verbal. My advice to anyone thinking of having free solar panels fitted,, is DONT! But if you do decide to go ahead think twice,look at review sites before, I never knew about them until now! get your own legal representative to go through the contract and more importantly insist the pigeon guards are fitted for free when they fit the solar panels, i you want to avoid any later hidden expenses. These panels will be on your roof for 25 years, imagine the ongoing damage and expense nesting pigeons can cause you,I’m living the nightmare and I’m only into my fourth year of the lease!

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Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Anyone with the same problem contact me on fb .If you want to discuss this further out of the social arena!

Andrew Carroll | | VERIFIED

Pam. I've same issue. How do I contact u on Facebook to discuss further?

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Hi. I’ve just replied to your fb message .

Tammy May | | VERIFIED

Go careful what you put on Facebook publicly as they monitor it and issue strong worded letters threatening to sue you for libel.

[email protected] | | VERIFIED

Please contact me about this could do with help

Tammy May | | VERIFIED

Sorry are you referring to the solar issues or asgs business practices of taking and retaining of screenshots from Facebook of any negative comments about them.

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Don’t worry, I only speak the truth , and I can back everything I say up with documented evidence, but I know what you mean .

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Tammy May, have you or someone you know received a ‘strongly worded letter threatening to sue for libel’? I notice you have not put a review up about ASG?

Tammy May | | VERIFIED

There is a Facebook group called ASG Boiler problems and complaints and several members in it have received them. I’ve not yet received one.

Julie Mahoney | | VERIFIED

I have had the same issue, had I been informed of possible pest infestation I would not have agreed. I was told they used to fit guards as a good will gesture but not mow and was told the exact same thing about their only concern was the solar panels. As a struggling single with mortgage and other bills can't afford for a company to fit them for me as require scaffolding now for jobs of height

Julie Mahoney | | VERIFIED

I was told it was my responsibility and solicitors agreed they had no legal obligation to fit guards. But as I say if I knew I would never have gone ahead. My neighbours recently fitted mess and I now have at least 20 pigeons residing on my roof solely. Within a couple of months since I have just found my guttering has snapped off brackets that I got fitted last year and sagging due to all the poo

Julie Mahoney | | VERIFIED

I've got an appointment at CAB as not heard off ASG after emailing and phoning. To ask where I stand as the guttering is now twisted and bowed ready to fall. I have to go outside daily to bins and to sweep and am wondering what happens if falls on me and if damages my property on way down its sagging above heating flu. The guy that cleans for £15 did so in the summer but the damage is recent

Julie Mahoney | | VERIFIED

Due to neighbours getting mesh around their panels and their share of pigeons moving into my roof coup. I do not have money for scaffolding I don't even pay full mortgage due to struggle. I haven't got ladders but am scared of heights and birds. It to mention low roof space so hearing pigeons before its even light meaning loss of sleep. This needs to be addressed

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Hi Julie, it’s a uphil struggle .I asked ASG to remove the panels temporarily so I could clean the mess and nests, ASG demanded £1,000 refundable deposit also I was told to have scaffolding put up with all the govt regs labels attached at my expense. What part of ‘’ free of charge ‘ don’t they understand, in the lease ASG agree to temporarily remove the panels without charge twice during the lease

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

You’re welcome to contact me on fb messenger

Elaine Fogarty | | VERIFIED

I have the same problem could I contact you please

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Yes of course .

Monika Tyz | | VERIFIED

Can I contact you please have the same issue

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Yes , I’m on fb messenger

Stuart Wharmby | | VERIFIED

Hi I am in the same situation and it is costing more in cleaning than I save. Has anyone got any further with this? I have been informed today that ASG has been sold? any1 got any update? I am not on facebook but would grateful of any information/help [email protected]

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Hi, I’m not sure if ASG has been sold, not heard anything as yet. Where did you hear that? think I can safely speak for everyone that we do end up spending more that we are allegedly saving with cleaning and repair bills caused by the pigeon infestation, Contact me on messenger if you want to discuss this further .

Barbara stables | | VERIFIED

Hi Pam I to have the same problem but don't have Facebook is there anywhere else I can follow your progress Barbara

Stuart Piercy | | VERIFIED

Hi having the same issues with pigeons and get absolutely nowhere with AGS they are a disgrace. I have looked for you on messenger pam but cant find you. Any advise would be appreciated cheers

Monika Tyz | | VERIFIED

Hi Pam I can’t find you on fb messenger

Monika Tyz | | VERIFIED

Hi Pam I can’t find you on fb messenger

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Look for pamela suryomartono

Deepu Thomas | | VERIFIED

I am in the same situation Pam. Pigeons made a big mess on my roof, blocking and damaging my gutters. Also loosing a lot of sleep due to their noise. ASG said they will charge £450 plus scaffolding charges as well. This is so bad as we are trapped for 25 years just because we permitted ASG to install their panels on our roof.

Monika Tyz | | VERIFIED

Is there any group on fb regarding this?I have the same problem and I don’t know where to go to anymore .I think I’m going to have a mental breakdown soon.Im living the nightmare.

Jacquie Prestwood | | VERIFIED

Having same problem as above with ASG regarding pigeons nesting under panels the wanting to charge £450 + scaffolding costs... this is absurd as surely they have their own scaffolding to install panels in the first place

Ben Young | | VERIFIED

I too have inherited a pv system from ASG and have now got this problem. Pigeons ate causing a great deal of damage, mess and stress to our home. I'm waiting for a response but any help in the meantime would be great.

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Did you sign a contract yourself with ASG or have you bought a house with ASG solar panels already fitted?

Pam Martono | | VERIFIED

Did anyone ever receive a letter from ASG with the header ‘ we want happy customers’ which goes on to say if you cancel after the home visit you will have to pay £200? I received one but a lot of people didn’t get one. If you have one contact me on fb .
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