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tanya's complaint against A Shade Greener

tanya crompton


Solar Panel impacting ability to remortgage

Complaint against A Shade Greener

When we got our solar panels we were advised that they enhanced our selling opportunity and made our house more desirable and that we would have no problems re-mortgaging our property. We started our re-mortgage process in February before our fixed rate expired at the end of March. Our application to West Brom was approved straight away however we then have faced lengthy delays due to the solar panel lease. My solicitor has had delays in getting responses from A Shade Greener in terms of getting a copy of the Lease, they wanted to charge for answering any questions my solicitor had. This has resulted in us having to pay 2 mortgage payments after the fixed rate expired equating to an additional £800 of payments (£400 each month on top of our normal charges). Every time i have tried to call A shade Greener it goes straight to voicemail.

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Simon Hepworth | | VERIFIED

Hi how did it work out with asg, I am having problems re morgaging with the hold asg has over our roof panels

Gareth Wyatt | | VERIFIED

I’ve recently being in touch with ASH and it’s like talking to a brick wall. I’ve had my gutters, soffits and fascias replaces and during this the roofers noticed potential damage to the brackets. I’ve reported this to ASG who are still asking for the £1000 bond to remove the panels. Surely as this is a potential issue are their part this cost is inot required.

Gareth Wyatt | | VERIFIED

Also has anyone paid the £1000 bond and not had the panels reinstated?

Simon Hepworth | | VERIFIED

I am still trying to get this sorted even if someone removes the panals and equipment you still have to go down the legal root to get the lease removed. They changed their name several times and never informed us The initial deal was MISS SOLD TO US about enhancing your property Not making it un saleable, or un morgageable I think we should start a A JOINT LEGAL ACTION ON MISS SELLING SOLAR PANELS
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