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Sandra's complaint against A Shade Greener

Sandra Ferguson


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Complaint against A Shade Greener

We have pigeons nesting under the panels and have been advised that we have to pay to have guards fitted. These panels are not owned by us, they belong to A Shade Greener. Why should we have to pay? They were obviously aware that this would happen! and should have informed us before the work commenced. Steps could have been put in place then. Instead it looks like we are in for a hefty bill, which we feel is very unfair! This company is putting our health and safety in jeopardy!

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Sarah Hamilton | | VERIFIED

My mums in the same position with over 40 pigeons under her panels!! There’s poo everywhere and due to seeds regularly has plants growing in her roof, which she has to pay to have cleaned because they’ll damage the panels. The pigeons themselves are damaging the panels

Sandra Ferguson | | VERIFIED

We are having a constant battle trying to keep the mess at bay. It's about time A Shade Greener did the decent thing and supplied the guards free of charge. Lets face it they are making money from these panels. and it's certainly a lot more than we are gaining from the electricity reduction on our bills.

Sarah Hamilton | | VERIFIED

Maybe it’s worth making sure they don’t make any money!

Jay White | | VERIFIED

Hi, problem ASG panels installed 2013, on brilliant day, generate 3.6kw, yet other 300 days of year, makes nothing, asked ASG to exchange some panels for updated ones, that generate in poorer lighting, ASG refused, saying I am not allowed or me pay to change them, they wont pay, they only do maintenance ?, wont change to better efficient panels ? my elect is £140/mt this is lost generation
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