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James's complaint against Starbowl

James Pearson


I Paid for 2 hrs of bowling and was only allowed to bowl for 75mins

Complaint against Starbowl

I went to Star Bowl and asked what the best deals were for a family of 6 (2A, 4Ch), the lady responded with it is £26.95 for an hour or £5 per person for 2 hours. I said well that is £3.05 for an extra hour to which she replied yes so my wife and I both agreed it was a good offer so we went for it. We started bowling and after 1hour 15 mins we finished our 2nd game at which point the lane went off. I then asked what was going on to which another person said its £5 per person for 2 games of bowling. I said this is not what we got told so he asked the lady back over, she came to me shouting that she said it was for 2games not 2 hours, there must have been a mistake, my wife and children all said that she stated it was for 2 hours so she started to shout louder, this was supposed to be the manager, my wife left as she was getting embarrassed by her shouting so I asked her to stop being so irate and she replied by saying well I'm vexed, I have worked here for 8 years and would not have said that, she then left and said she would get another manager. He came and would not let me explain my side saying he knew that she said it was for 2 games, I said you were nowhere to be seen in the building so how would you know what she said? he replied she has worked for 8 years and he knows she would not have said that, he then told me I would not be going to go anywhere with this so it would be best to leave. I was very annoyed at this as I had been told that I was paying for 2 hours of bowling and I was only able to bowl for 75 mins. What got us really upset was the fact they shouted so loud, and embarrassed us so much when we were only trying to find out why we got less than we paid for, and the fact she said to the manager her side and would come back and talk, he just took her word and would not let me have my say.

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