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Gareth's complaint against Wish

Gareth Vaughan


I ordered and paid from the geek app. I ordered a torch and a wholesale outdoor navy seal cap

Complaint against Wish

I ordered both items via geek app on Oct 9 th and paid by visa debit card . Statenent no NP1WPQ1-1. Order no 5617e8e70423bfb22c3dd1cf. . Tracking my order the torch was delivered promptly . But checking tge teacking of the black navy seal baseball cap stated zit left the customer to Singapore Mail in trabmbsit on October 16 then Singapore Mail sent it to my country GB or the Uk arrived in Uk October 18 . I was given delivery date first between Oct 21st to 22nd . It did not arrive . I made tracking enquiry via a link and was given a second delivery dare of Oct 22nd to 23 rd this was still info from Singapore Mail though the package was alreadyvin the UK it stated the carrier was now GB/LAL tracking ref RF354469926SG. I HAVE GONE TO GEEK emails and gone and enquired via their wherevis my order link and pyt the rekevant question to get an update but receiving the same answer it is still somewhere in transit . It has tajen longer in the uk still not delivered than it took to getbfrom Singapore to the uk. I now fearvit has been lostbor stolen in the uk by the uk carrrierv. I want to complain because it has costvme money and time wasted waiting at homebfor this to be delivered to me and the continuous reply when tryvtracking that it should be delivered in the next seven days r the threevdays of checking wherebis my order causing major concern oreventi g me from being to leavevmy home to carrybon with essential things which i have had to pay other people to gonand do important things for ne . This is completely not acceptable . I feel my customer service on this issue is grossly substandard and thst geekbor wish resolve their bad sevice and i have been left out of pocket by having to pay people to do essential things

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