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Ann's complaint against DW Sports Fitness

Ann Banks


Difficult to Cancel Membership

Complaint against DW Sports Fitness

My husband has been unable to use the gym for some time due to health problems and has now had eye surgery which puts him out of action for at least 3 months. Have been trying to phone the number advised but impossible to get through so 29/09/15 I asked at my local gym. they could not cancel bud. t told me I would have to ring member services by the following day so as not to incur further cost. So I tried again and had to give up - I was waiting 15-20 mins and didn't move from number 20 in the queue ! So I was left with the only option - to cancel by email. i just discovered today (28/10/15) that my request was refused! So I wrote again , explaining the issue and asking for my complaint to be escalated to a senior staff member . bUt all I got was a standard response telling me to ring the number which I was finding impossible to get through on in the first place!

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Matt Preece | | VERIFIED

I finally got through after 53 minutes. To be fair to the young lady who took my call she apologised and processed my cancellation. She also explained that "it is a very busy call centre". I suggest Dave Whelan invests in further staff to deal with existing customers rather than focusing on chasing the money of new joiners !!

Quirke1337 | | VERIFIED

Same thing happened to me, I was on the phone for hours. I have reported them to trading standards for restricting my right to cancel and they are taking this forward as a criminal breach. The case number is 13707507, and the phone number is 03454 04 05 06 if you'd like to throw your weight behind it.
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