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Agi's complaint against Action Fraud

Agi Gamski


Victims of fraud are left to deal with fraud themselves

Complaint against Action Fraud

Our company has been a victim of fraud which resulted in monetary loss. It involved email hacking, changing of supplier’s invoices with fraudsters new account details. The fraudster also sent a letter by post on ligitimate supplier’s headed paper confirming new account details. As a result fraudsters were paid not the ligitimate supplier. Banks didn’t cross reference name against bank account as apparently this is not required. The fraud was discovered within 3 days and reported to police. (Action Fraud). This was on 12/07/2017, over 3 months ago - not heard from them, no copy of the report, no news if the fraud will be investigated. It was a large amount and lots of information was provided to the police, some IP addresses, postal addresses with possibly fraudsters name, fraudsters Bank accounts, credit card details for purchasing domain similar to a ligitimate supplier. Nothing. Zero interest. Banks have similar approach. Since they are not liable they are not interested. Last resort - Financial Ombudsman currently investigating and asked banks to pay a fine (so far) or as they call it compensation. It’s still on going but if police was more active and willing to investigate it’d be way to stop / freeze funds and possibly catch the fraudsters. Appalled and frankly shocked by total lack of action by the police. Waste of time really - reporting any fraud to the police.

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