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Stewart's complaint against Samsung



Samsung phone overheated during night-time charging - melted phone and almost caused a fire

Complaint against Samsung

Hi, You tweeted me recently after i sent a tweet to Samsung after my phone overheated at night (@stewartdown) - below is what happened: I went to bed in the evening and my partner plugged the phone in to charge (samsung charger). Luckily i woke up to use the bathroom and when i came back to bed i smelt a 'singeing' smell. I touched the phone and it was red hot. It had melted the charger end and the case of the phone (see pictures on my twitter account). It was lucky i woke up otherwise I'm certain this would have started a fire!! I sent the phone to samsung to their 'inspection centre' and they emailed me this today.. "Thank you for contacting us regarding the problems you experienced with your Samsung product. We arranged for the unit to be sent to a Samsung Approved Service Centre for inspection. I tried to call you to discuss the findings, however you were unavailable to answer. The engineers first observations of the unit was the phone in poor condition. Paint was peeling from multiple places , there are many dents and scratches on bezel and frame. The phone has a melted rear cover, battery flip cover and display. The charger usb lead melted.. Once the device was opened up for a full inspection the engineer noted that the display is burnt and the lcd is also burnt with colours not showing correctly. The rear cover is melted near the usb port and the battery flip cover was burnt on the back and front. Liquid residue was found in the usb port and usb lead plug. The phone powers on with the customer’s battery. The engineer has concluded that liquid damage in the usb socket and usb lead plug caused a short on charge resulting in heating of the phone and burning.. In situations where evidence of liquid ingress is found, this invalidates the terms and conditions of the Samsung Warranty supplied with the handset as this is not a manufacturing/component failure. However in this instance we are willing to offer a free of charge repair as a gesture of goodwill. The engineer has noted the unit is repairable. Anovo have been contacted to proceed with a free of charge repair, if you are unhappy with this you can request the device be returned to you. Kind regards, Kelsey" The phone has never been dropped in any water or anything of the sort so i'm astonished they are placing the cause of the overheating on that. I'm glad they are at least offering to repair the phone (even though i'm not sure i want to use it again), but i'm not particularly happy. If i hadn't woken up i'm sure it would have caught fire and the consequences could have been very very bad!

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