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Victoria's complaint against Scottish Power

Victoria Jacobs


Trying to close an account with Scottish Power

Complaint against Scottish Power

I was with Scottish Power for 5 years. I rented a flat and it had prepaid meters. On leaving I arranged for the meters to be taken out. I was told this would be done for both gas and electric on 25th August. Gas was done but Electric was not. More hassle. Spoke to Scottish Power and they re arranged this for the 14th Sept. I vacated on the 1st Sept. This was finally done. I spoke to them and they confirmed I had a zero balance. Then I received another bill for a random amount, called them up, they could not understand why I had this and said the account was closed and I owed no money. Today I receive a call from a debt collection agency saying I owe £38. I call Scottish Power who basically cannot explain it. They then said they had failed to take meter readings when they took out the meters and therefore I needed to go and get these (no longer live there) and they would try to resolve. I spent 55 mins on the phone. He then tried to put me through to complaints but all lines were busy. Said they will call this afternoon but I am not optimistic, they never call back. This has easily taken 5 hours of my time, all of which is due to mistakes and incompetence on their behalf. I am incredibly angry and no one seems to be able to resolve or understand the reasons behind it all.

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