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Mr Kenneth's complaint against Just1Quid.com

Mr Kenneth Horsley


I of have three ammounts debited to my credit card in the last month

Complaint against Just1Quid.com

The following ammounts were debited to my Halifax Carity Card: £30.90 on 28 September; £29.90 on 4 October; £28.40 on 4 November. I have no idea who this company is and I have not used this credit card since the beginning of September. I therefore belive this money has been fraudulentlt debited to my account.

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Mr Kenneth Horsley | | VERIFIED

I believed I was only entering into a 3 day free trial period, but discovered that unless I cancelled after the 3 day period I would have to pay a monthly free to be a VIP Member. Just1Quid.com replied that since I had signed their Terms & Conditions I was liable for the payments deducted from my credit card and would not refund any money.
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